contact the [ sameness ] project

If you want to know a little more, or a lot more, track us down here:



t.  twitter: @samenessproject




If you’re feeling really adventurous and time isn’t an issue you can also put a message in a bottle, set it afloat, and we will check the local beach periodically…


  1. Are you guys hiring? If yes then what’s the process like…

  2. Are you based in Abu Dhabi or Dubai?

  3. Hi, I came across a forward about the 7th September event and would like to come with a group of colleagues.
    Could you please email me a contact person’s details so that I can bug them with more questions?!

  4. Who owns this? and how do u manage the sponsor bit? may I request you drop a contact number so i can discuss this offline…

  5. Hi ive read your project in an article was so inspired by the brave move that you (founder) did. I woul like to volunteer in any of thr upcoming projects that you may have, would encourage my friends and colleagues as well… Will start following you now on instagram…

    • Thanks Jeoni! Lina definitely had a whole heap of courage to start the [sameness] project!
      We would love to have you take part in our events, I’ll add you to our mailing list and if you follow us on social media you will stay up to date with everything 🙂

  6. faiza bouhadiba says:

    Hi All, I would like to be on the mailing list in case you need volunteers.
    Thanks and keep up the good work.

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