[ i got sole ]

We want your sole. but not in a freaky way

Every pair of shoes takes someone on a journey and every journey is different. the [sameness] project is about understanding that all those journeys, and all the people that walk them, are worth the same amount. So to have a shot at empathy and to understand a tiny bit of what it means to walk in someone else’s shoes, the [sameness] project is gathering together different soles, walking different lines, in different places.

We literally want to see your shoes, and understand a bit about the you who walks in them – seeing the soles to get to know the souls.

Alongside your point-of-view shoe pic we want to know…

= your name
= what country you are in
= what you do
= where your shoes are taking you right now
= your greatest joy
= your greatest pain


You’ve got sole.

Follow this link to the [sameness] project Tumblr, add your sole to the online project, watch the gallery grow, and then go for a browse and take the opportunity to put yourself in the shoes of a lot of different others.

Submit your sole, by following the instructions on the Tumblr page. Or swing into action now, take a pic, add the relevant information and send it to us at any one of these places:


twitter: @samenessproject




  1. […] brings me to the Sameness project by Lina Nahhas who also facilitated the 5 Rhythms. Some of the photos you see below are shoes that […]

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