[ viral ]

Like the common cold, but less sickly. We add stuff to the website that you can then take away and use to spread sameness. Download and spread. Easy.

[ viral ] Water for workers stickers

One part campaign, one part project. The Campaign is to individually give water to workers, whenever, wherever. Go one-for-one with water. Every time you buy a bottle of water for yourself, buy one (or more) to give away. It’s probably true that if you’re thirsty and looking for cold water then so are the guys […]

[ viral ] Origami Giveaways

Download it. Fold it. Give it. It’s that easy. For all the business cards, flyers, advertisements and messages that get handed out around the world everyday, there is an over-supply of nonsense and an under-supply of things which are actually cool to give and cooler to get. the [sameness] project origami giveaways are dressed up […]