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Understanding sameness and the [sameness] project. Answering some of the What, Why, Who, How, When and Where.

[ get it ] What is the [sameness] project?

Is “sameness” even a word? Yes, yes it is. Google it. It’s just not a very well-used or glamorous word. It doesn’t quite roll off the tongue, but then it doesn’t really need to, because it’s more about how it rolls off you. For every unique feature that makes you different from the 7 billion […]

[ get it ] More

Short presentations are where it’s at in today’s snappy, get-to-the-point world. Apparently no one has time to sit through anything longer than 3 minutes, because there are way too many Facebook status updates to like, and videos of sneezing pandas to watch. The longer version of the [sameness] project “get it” presentation contains no status […]