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Noise for your eyes. A place to browse through some articles, videos and other features that all feed into the idea of sameness. And it's an eclectic mix. From features aimed to inspire, to spark creativity, to restart the heart, all the way to features that will challenge and possibly break the heart, sameness is just like the Transformers - more than meets the eye*.
*the [sameness] project is not a robot in disguise.

[ dabble ] Reflecting Humanity

“The only way for me to be human is for you to reflect my humanity back at me.” This crazy cool saying is unpacked from the word “Ubuntu”, which originates from the South Africa/Zimbabwe region and is used by Chris Abani in the below TED talk. Chris Abani is a Nigerian Author who, through one […]

[ dabble ] 99 Names

What’s in a name? The video below is from BYU Magazine and focuses on glass artist Andrew Kosorok, who is creating amazing works of glass art based on the 99 names of God as used in Islam, and the [sameness] they share with his Christian faith.  This is how he describes himself and the project: […]

[ dabble ] Touching Strangers

Posing for photographs is not the most comfortable experience at the best of times. Add the possible awkwardness of posing with a stranger and the certain awkwardness of embracing them in some way and you have the striking photographic series “Touching Strangers” by Richard Renaldi. Renaldi is a New York based photographer and stops strangers […]

[ dabble ] Creating the Safest Lane

In the Indian city of Bangalore there is a small street that has taken on the less than positive nickname of “Rapist Lane” due to the guys that hang out there and harass the ladies using the street. It’s a nasty situation, and one that echos a larger problem in India that has seen sexual […]

[ dabble ] The Human Connection

  Put your hand up if you enjoy hospitals… The technology isn’t quite available yet to make that a smart question, not being able to see you and all, but lets assume most people raised their hand because generally, hospitals are not nice places to visit. Being that hospitals treat the sick, the people that […]

[ dabble ] Youth Voices

Pack your suitcase for procrastination land if you’re not there already, because once you start clicking on the Adobe Youth Voices Aspire Awards videos you may find yourself cutting a few productive hours out of your day. Adobe Youth Voices Aspire Awards is a “global, online competition that encourages youth to creatively express their vision […]

[ dabble ] Small World Machines

“In March 2013 we set out to show that what unites us is stronger than what divides us.” – Coca-Cola Yeah, we know, it’s not the kind of quote you expect from a multi-national soft drink company that is considered by some to be the worlds most valuable brand, having it’s product in every country except North […]

[ dabble ] Beyond Right & Wrong

Beyond Right and Wrong: Stories of Justice and Forgiveness is a documentary following the victims and the perpetrators of conflict as they walk a journey of personal and corporate reconciliation. With examples drawn out of the Rawandan genocide, the conflict in Northern Ireland and Britain, and the Israel/Palestine violence among others, the film talks to those that […]

[ dabble ] What The World Eats

If you were to head to your pantry/cupboards/food storage places at home and pull out one weeks worth of food, what would it look like? Photographer Peter Menzel wondered enough to take a trip through 24 countries, documenting families and the food that they consume over one week. From the multi-coloured wrappings of supermarket shelf […]

[ dabble ] The Strangers Project

The internet is an easy land to get lost in, jumping from page to page, following links and getting dizzy amongst all the pretty code. Every now and then though you stumble across something completely awesome by mistake and all the aimless clicking seems worth it. This is one of those good “by accident” finds […]