[ water for workers ] The End Is Not The End

We knew the October 5th Water for Workers was a good one by 11am on the day, when every single bottle of water and thank you facecloth had been taken by volunteers and was on it’s way to make some moments of [sameness]. There was a huge turnout of volunteers and it was such a […]

[ water for workers ] One Last Round

All good things must come to an end, or at least have a little rest, and Saturday 5th October is the last Water for Workers adventure of Summer 2013 before it takes a break over the winter months and we roll out some our other [sameness] projects. It’s been the most epic 5 months, from […]

[ water for workers ] The Water is Ready…

The water is ready…are you? Water for Workers from thesamenessproject on Vimeo. And here are the details you need to get in on the Water for Workers action: Meet at Safa park, Gate 5, at 10am. Bring your own transport and a chilly bin/cooler/ice box to keep the water cold. We will give you a […]

[ water for workers ] August 17th Stories

Every Water for Workers adventure is the starting point for a whole bunch of cool new stories, whether they are told by volunteers who took part for the first time, the fifth time, or workers who had someone stop, shake their hand, give them a drink of water and carry on. We love hearing peoples […]

[ water for workers ] A Little Change

We’re mixing it up for Water for Workers in August. Check it out: Saturday August 10th – Yes it’s Eid. Yes we are still going to have a Water for Workers adventure, just a scaled down version. Come along if you’re in Dubai! Saturday August 17th – Water for Workers is all systems go! We […]

[ water for workers ] July 6th Was Epic

It seems that word travels fast in Dubai. The news about Water for Workers sure spread with speed and our second outing of summer 2013 was massive! We turned up to Safa Park in a truck loaded with 5000 bottles of cold water, each wrapped with a thank you sticker, each ready to be used […]

[ water for workers ] Yup, It Was Awesome

Hot? Yes Sweaty? Yes Fun? Correct The very first Water for Workers of summer 2013 ticked all the boxes of hot sweaty funness, and completely smashed our expectations of the amount of water that we would need and the amount of people who would get involved in the project. That’s a very good thing though […]

[ water for workers ] Summer 2013!

We know it’s not proper hot yet, but it will be soon, and that right there is a good enough reason to roll out Water for Workers for Summer 2013. We ran this simple little [sameness] project for the first time last year (check out some snaps HERE) and because 2012 couldn’t handle all the […]

[ water for workers ] Meet-Ups

There really isn’t anything too fancy about Water for Workers, it’s a ‘bring your own’ project, and what the workers get is what you have to give. So here’s what to bring:   Water – however many bottles you bring = however many bottles you give out. Can be any shape, size, or brand. Chilly […]

[ water for workers ] Introducing…

If you live in the UAE then you know that summer-time is HOT. If you don’t live in the UAE, then know this – summer time is HOT, 45+ degree Celsius hot. Like in every other place in the world gardens don’t water themselves, buildings don’t build themselves and the rubbish doesn’t collect itself. There are […]