[ action stations ] #TheConversationChair Live

We’ve had a whole bunch of fun over March and April letting #TheConversationChair loose in Dubai and watching the chit chat magic happen. The aim of the #TheConversationChair was simple – create a space for two strangers to sit, chat, and share some moments of [sameness]. PRESS PLAY and check out some of #TheConversationChair moments […]

[ action stations ] Live With The Conversation Chair

It’s always a bit of a nervous adventure going into new [sameness] projects You can never be too sure how a project will go until it’s gone, and with initiatives based on people stepping outside the normal lines of life, the magic is always in the moments. The newest [sameness] project – The Conversation Chair […]

[ action stations ] The Conversation Chair

We’ve got a sneaky wee project coming up called The Conversation Chair. It’s exactly what it sounds like, but also way cooler than what it sounds like. We are going to keep the suspense suspenseful and not tell you much more right now, other than you should follow The Conversation Chair action online as this […]