[ soles & stories JRDN ]

An initiative that saw 9 Amman-based nannies/domestic workers shaking their creative bones and transforming some blank TOMS shoes into artworks, inspired by their own personal stories and journeys.

[ soles & stories JRDN ] Rose

Rose’s journey to Jordan was a long time in the making. After giving birth to her first child, a girl named Alyssa, she applied with an agency in Manila hoping to work abroad, but things never progressed past the application stage. Luckily Rose managed to find work at an electronics company alongside her husband, and […]

[ soles & stories JRDN ] Lita

“Every time I left home to travel for work it became easier” says Lita as she describes the process of leaving the Philippines and flying to an uncertain employment situation in a far away country. She has made life-altering trips from the Philippines to the Middle East three times now. The first was to Kuwait […]

[ soles & stories JRDN ] Lucy

Lucy is a lady who understands the realities of why she is working in Jordan and not in her home country of the Philippines. She is also very matter of fact when discussing her many hopes and dreams for the future, explaining that the things she wants to achieve she cannot achieve without money, and […]

[ soles & stories JRDN ] Jowena

A little farm in the Mindanao is the centerpiece of Jowena’s story. She might live and work thousands of kilometers away from there, and have dreams of one day traveling even further, but the little farm in the Philippines will always be close to her heart. The farm is her childhood home and even though […]

[ soles & stories JRDN ] Gemma

First impressions count for a lot and Gemma uses one simple word to describe her first impression of Jordan – cold. The climate in Amman is definitely quite different to Gemma’s tropical home province in the Philippines, but having now spent four years working as a domestic helper in Amman; Gemma is a little bit […]

[ soles & stories JRDN ] Aileen

The common thread that runs through all the journeys of the Soles & Stories shoe artists is family. Whether it is the constant hope to one day return to them, their motivation to work to better their families lives, or just the memories they have of them, the nannies and domestic workers that have put […]

[ soles & stories JRDN ] Aisha

Moving from one place to another is always easier if you can follow someone else’s footsteps ahead of you. In Aisha’s case her mother had left the Philippines six years earlier to work as a domestic helper in Jordan, and the same reasons her mother traveled for work were the same reasons Aisha needed to […]

[ soles & stories JRDN ] The Amman Exhibition

The Soles & Stories Jordan journey is all over red rover. We had a super-sweet evening hanging out at Blue Fig café in Amman with the proud shoe artists, reading through their stories, snapping heaps of pics of their shoe art, meeting new people, eating nibbles and just generally being part of a new crowd. […]

[ soles & stories JRDN ] Here We Go…

We have just landed in Jordan to start the final build up to Soles&Stories, which takes place on Friday the 8th of February, and we’ve been met with some crazy-good artistically altered TOMS Shoes! We were blown away by how good the shoes look and we couldn’t NOT share them and their creator’s skills with […]

[ soles & stories JRDN ] Introducing 8 New Shoe Artists

Here they are! We’ve had the privilege of spending the past 3 days in Amman, catching up with the eight new Soles & Stories shoe artists, getting a sneak peek at their work and learning a bit about each one. Now we can officially introduce them to the everyone out in internet land. So here […]