[ for god's sake ]

For God’s Sake is the field out beyond the ideas of wrong and right where we want to gather and look at some of the values that different religions share, to find the [sameness] in those areas.

[ dabble ] 99 Names

What’s in a name? The video below is from BYU Magazine and focuses on glass artist Andrew Kosorok, who is creating amazing works of glass art based on the 99 names of God as used in Islam, and the [sameness] they share with his Christian faith.  This is how he describes himself and the project: […]

[ for god’s sake ] Welcome to the Field

“Out beyond ideas of wrong and right there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” – Rumi. The above quote is the starting point for our newest [sameness] project For God’s Sake, a journey that’s going to be brought to life by YOU. Religion is one of the most common and clearly defined lines that separate. […]