[ water for workers ] The End Is Not The End

We knew the October 5th Water for Workers was a good one by 11am on the day, when every single bottle of water and thank you facecloth had been taken by volunteers and was on it’s way to make some moments of [sameness]. There was a huge turnout of volunteers and it was such a MASSIVE way to to end Water for Workers for 2013…except IT HASN’T REALLY ENDED.

PepsiCo have been SO GOOD to us by supplying 5000 bottles of Aquafina water for each Water for Workers round since July, and they love the project so much they want to continue through November and December.

So that’s what we are going to do.

We will have two more Water for Workers rounds on Saturday November 9th and Saturday December 7th. Meeting at Emirates International School, Al Thanya Road,  Jumeirah at 10am.
Spread the word!

Now here are some good numbers from Saturday 5th October…

october 5th

The big news of the October 5th Water for Workers was that with all 5000 bottles given out we took our total for Water & “thank you’s” over Summer 2013 to just over 20,000! That’s huge, and we want to say a massive THANK YOU to every volunteer who used their Saturday morning to spread some [sameness] with us. The exciting thing now is that with 2 more rounds to end the year we could potentially end up giving out 30,000 bottles of water! Madness!

pictures of pretty people

As always, there are a bunch more photos on our facebook page and heaps of awesome snaps taken by volunteers from all around Dubai over at the Water for Workers tumblr. Go check them out and have yourself a smile.

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