[ water for workers ] The Water is Ready…

The water is ready…are you?

And here are the details you need to get in on the Water for Workers action:

Meet at Safa park, Gate 5, at 10am.
Bring your own transport and a chilly bin/cooler/ice box to keep the water cold.
We will give you a bunch of water with “thank you” stickers attached, and an area of Dubai to cover and then OFF. WE. GO.

Check out how good the very first Water for Workers of summer 2013 was right HERE


  1. Love your heart guys. So amazing!!!

  2. Do you have to sign up in advance or can you just turn up at Safa Park on Saturday?

    • hey hey, no you don’t need to register, just turn up at Safa Park, Gate 5 on saturday morning at 10am and we will give you the water with the stickers and you go from there. Easy as. See you there!

  3. Do I need to register or can I just come along at Safa on Saturday

  4. Hi, we are planning to be there on the 6th. My daughter would like to volunteer to put the stickers, arrange the bottles and do other back office work, if any. Is there any forumn, she can do the volunteering work

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