[ we’ve got your back ] A Yoga Perspective

The stretches in the We’ve Got Your Back booklet wouldn’t mean as much if we didn’t have fitness professionals showing the drivers how to correctly carry them out. On our last WGYB adventure we were joined by Emilie from Zen Yoga and Motion Fitness Center. Here is her take on the morning…


This is Emilie casually posing in the middle of demonstrating stretches in 40+ degree heat.

I really enjoyed the morning out with the [sameness] project, speaking to Dubai’s taxi drivers about the importance of stretching, especially in a job such as theirs, where long periods of time are spent sitting. 

I must admit I was a little bit apprehensive at first – I didn’t know how the taxi drivers would respond being approached about fitness, by a woman. As it turns out my doubts were unfounded; most taxi drivers showed enthusiasm at the opportunity to interact with people of different cultures and background.
From a fitness point of view, many experienced pain in the neck, back and knees and just didn’t know what to do to make it better. Spending just a few minutes with each driver, showing him a couple of simple stretches, made a world of difference. The drivers were amazed at the sometime immediate relief they felt when shrugging their shoulders or rounding the spine; it made me realize that a lot of their pain, in addition to being due to prolonged sitting, was also a result of lack of awareness.

From a more personal standpoint I was very happy to be able to share some knowledge and contribute to the project – one of the drivers was beaming with happiness when he realized how much better he felt after one of the stretches for his lower back; that made my day!
I am thankful and humbled to have had the opportunity to interact with a part of the population
in Dubai that doesn’t get enough respect or recognition.
After all we are all human beings, all connected, one and the same. 


If you’re a Dubai based fitness professional and you would like to join us on one of our future We’ve Got Your Back adventures then flick off an email to Simona@fitnesslink.me and we can make it happen!

Emilie and...

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