[ for god’s sake ] Welcome to the Field

“Out beyond ideas of wrong and right there is a field. I’ll meet you there.”
– Rumi.

For God's Sake

The above quote is the starting point for our newest [sameness] project For God’s Sake, a journey that’s going to be brought to life by YOU.

Religion is one of the most common and clearly defined lines that separate. It’s a line that has been used to justify a lot of great things and unfortunately a lot of not so good things. It’s a personal conviction at the same time as a collective undertaking, and it’s the scene of many disagreements.
When placed side-by-side different spiritual practices are usually seen and understood for their differences. For God’s Sake is not ignoring those differences but is focusing on the areas of [sameness] and the truths that can be found in common.

For God’s Sake is the field out beyond the ideas of wrong and right where we want to gather and look at some of the values that different religions share, to find the [sameness] in those areas.



We have highlighted seven values/themes that are common across different spiritual practices and created a “field” (which is actually a website, but lets call it a field) where we can place our thoughts on each value/theme from whatever perspective, to create a living, breathing, moving, evolving space…
AND we need you to help us fill it with: poetry, art, photography, quotes, written word, thoughts, videos – anything that expresses your views on that particular theme.

You can visit the For God’s Sake website by clicking HERE.

All the “fields”/values are open right now and ready to be explored, added to, wrestled with and made awesome by you. Here they are:

– Compassion/Love
– Forgiveness, of self and others
– Genorosity. Charity & acts of service for others
– Gratitude & thankfulness for life’s blessings
– Respect & tolerance for others
– Honesty & integrity, living ones truth
– Worship, a connection to something bigger than yourself

Submit your thoughts, from whatever perspective, to the [sameness] project via:

twitter: @samenessproject

facebook: http://www.facebook.com/thesamenessproject OR search “For Gods Sake”

email: home@thesamenessproject.com

instagram: thesamenessproject

or in the comment section below.

We will upload everything to the For God’s Sake website and we can all watch it grow!

Check out this Interfaith Amigos video on interfaith dialogue and let it settle you into the For God’s Sake groove…


  1. Robert Ansell says:

    God is the dance! (Gabrielle Roth)

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