[ dabble ] The Human Connection


Put your hand up if you enjoy hospitals…

The technology isn’t quite available yet to make that a smart question, not being able to see you and all, but lets assume most people raised their hand because generally, hospitals are not nice places to visit. Being that hospitals treat the sick, the people that are found wandering the hallways and occupying the wards often have an immediate and very personal reason for being there, making the hospital building the holder of a lot of unseen stories.

The Cleveland Clinic understood this idea and put together this beautiful clip highlighting the idea of empathy in hospitals by looking at individuals and asking what it would mean to walk in their shoes and understand their stories.


One of the core ideas of [sameness] is that we all share the same joys and pains. What causes people to be happy, or to suffer, is shared across all humanity irrespective of religion, skin colour, wealth, location, background etc. The Cleveland Clinic video is an awesome example of the coming together of similar stories and emotions, and the empathy required to see the [sameness] in it all.

You might not be in a hospital today but maybe it’s still an opportunity to walk through your day with an understanding of the individual stories that pass you by wherever you are?

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