[ water for workers ] Yup, It Was Awesome

Hot? Yes

Sweaty? Yes

Fun? Correct

The very first Water for Workers of summer 2013 ticked all the boxes of hot sweaty funness, and completely smashed our expectations of the amount of water that we would need and the amount of people who would get involved in the project. That’s a very good thing though because it means that lots of thirsty workers got some water and many moments of [sameness] were shared by those giving the water, and those receiving it.

Lets get into the nitty gritty.

1st of June Water for Workers by the numbers:

1st June stats

Mapping it Out

The map below will give you an idea of the areas covered in Dubai as a little bit of [sameness] was spread through water, thank you’s and some beautiful interactions.
The GREEN patches are areas that were covered on Saturday June 1st, which is pretty epic.
* please note that this is not actually what Dubai looks like from very high in the sky. It’s much more detailed and doesn’t have area names written on it.


You can find out a bit more about Water for Workers by clicking HERE. It’s not just charity and is as much about the moments of [sameness] as it is about giving out water…

Otherwise you can join us on SATURDAY JULY 6th, SAFA PARK, GATE 5, 10AM as we do it all again.

June1st montage2


  1. Will we be able to donate several cartons of
    water on the day?

    • Yup! definitely. We have stickers we attach to the bottles with “thank you” written in 6 different languages that we attach to the bottles, so we can give you some to stick on the day, or if we got the water earlier we could attach them before

  2. can i see the pictures of the children here as well? from a proud mother 🙂

  3. KC Poblete says:

    I was really moved when I read this project on a magazine. Me and my friends will definitely come on July 6. Thank you so much for your initiative on this project and for making us realize that we could be of help in sharing love and joy. See you all!!! Keep up the good acts. — KC

  4. Reblogged this on Soul's Exhale and commented:
    All of us can be of help to share love and joy in the simplest way we can imagine. Let’s get moving!!! hwaiting!!!


  1. […] Check out how good the very first Water for Workers of summer 2013 was right HERE […]

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