[ dabble ] Inside Out meets Dubai

Quite a wee while ago we posted THIS clip about French street artist JR and the Inside Out project.

What started out as JR getting a bit cheeky with pasting some posters in public places turned into a worldwide movement as others caught onto the idea, and giant black & white posters of faces started going up all around the world. The idea behind the posters was to see people on their simplest level, as human beings, before all the dividing lines of race, culture, class etc were added on top.

Have a peep at this post to hear JR explain the whole thing beautifully.

Here is a small clip from Dubai where people attending last years TEDx event joined the movement. We especially like the part about capturing everybody’s [sameness]


If you go to the Inside Out Project website and look under “locations” you can see how global the whole initiative has gotten…

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