[ soles & stories JRDN ] The Amman Exhibition

The Soles & Stories Jordan journey is all over red rover.

We had a super-sweet evening hanging out at Blue Fig café in Amman with the proud shoe artists, reading through their stories, snapping heaps of pics of their shoe art, meeting new people, eating nibbles and just generally being part of a new crowd.

Soles & Stories Jordan was a chance to see the eight ladies below as more than just nannies or domestic workers, and through their stories and their art, to walk in their shoes.

Shoe Artists

While the event was smaller than Soles & Stories Dubai the evening was still all goodness, with all shoe art sold at auction and the shoe artists, their employers and the public engaging in the whole [sameness] project initiative.
It was also the first time we had taken a [sameness] project outside of Dubai, and Amman was a pretty awesome location to kick off our international journey.

The eight shoe artists stories and pictures of their shoe art are up in individual posts under [ action stations ] so you can see their journeys and get a close up of their amazing creative skills.

CLICK CLICK on a name below to see their Soles and their Stories

Aileen | Alisha | Gemma | Jowena | Lita | Lucy | Rose | Sally

Lets get straight to some pictures from the event!
For more pictorial goodness head over to our Facebook page where you can feel free to tag yourself (unless you weren’t there, then probably don’t).

the event1(resize)

the event2(resize)

the event3(resize)

the event4(resize)

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