[ we’ve got your back ] Is A-Go

We’ve Got Your Back is ALIVE!

The latest [sameness] project is hot in the hands of a few Dubai taxi drivers after the first trial handout.
We’ve Got Your Back is a small handout detailing 5 stretches taxi drivers can do to help combat the physical stresses of sitting stationary for such long periods of time – you can READ MORE about it here.

the [sameness] project joined with a few peeps from the Dubai fitness industry to put the booklet together, and it was pretty awesome to complete the circle and put We’ve Got Your Back into the hands of a few taxi drivers and get this new journey started!


There was never a very complicated plan to trialing We’ve Got Your Back, we just jumped into different taxi cabs, got the meters running and asked if we could stay parked where we were. That unusual request, coupled with telling the drivers that we wanted to give them something, was mostly met with looks of suspicion, and questions about what product we were advertising.
After quick conversations and their realization that it was a no-strings-attached interaction the process of explaining and demonstrating the stretches was underway. The 3 – 4 minute demonstration was always listened to intently and in a few cases, also participated in.
And that was it. Demonstration done, booklet given, meter paid and a taxi driver on their way with 5 easy stretches to help combat the effects of sitting for so long.


The process now is to give out some more trial copies and get feedback on the stretches from the drivers, then it’s all about opening the project up to the public.

Keep an eye on the [sameness] project website, twitter and facebook page for updates…


twitter: @samenessproject


  1. I LOVED our first trial and seeing the look of surprise when we said “we just want you to always stay healthy while you are working” …. I am, yet again, grateful for the opportunity to showcase that we are all the same in our needs to be seen, when we are in pain or fatigued, and our need to always reach out. Can’t wait for our second rounds to start off our year. xx

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