[ we’ve got your back ] Introducing

Introducing the newest [sameness] project – We’ve Got Your Back – adding a little exercise into the mix of Dubai taxi drivers.

A twelve hour shift is quite common for Dubai taxi drivers, and unfortunately, doing it for seven days a week is also quite common. That’s a huge amount of time sitting in one position and not a lot of time left for the body to recover. With muscles getting used to being in one position for long periods of time and blood not having a chance to flow around the body, taxi drivers have a very high chance of developing health problems.

We’ve chatted to a few taxi drivers on our travels around the city, and neck, back, and leg pain seem to be their most common complaints – it’s on that line that We’ve Got Your Back aims to act.

We’ve Got Your Back is a set of small laminated cards that will be given out free to taxi drivers.

The first set will detail 5 easy stretches and exercises they can do while on the job.

It’s about stretching out muscles, introducing a bit of movement, and freeing up the joints that generally stay pretty stationary throughout a big shift.

The handouts will start making their way into a few Dubai taxi cabs in the next week, and the [sameness] project will start bringing you some of the stories behind the guys generally just known as “taxi drivers.”

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  1. […] The latest [sameness] project is hot in the hands of a few Dubai taxi drivers after the first trial handout. We’ve Got Your Back is a small handout detailing 5 stretches taxi drivers can do to help combat the physical stresses of sitting stationary for such long periods of time – you can READ MORE about it here. […]

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