[ dabble ] Soul Biographies

The following clip is from a project called Soul Biographies, and should only be watched if you are prepared to see something real.

The project was created by Nic Askew and focuses on “Short, black & white human portraits. Extremely close up. Extremely revealing of our human experience. Examining the depth of subjects such as happiness, purpose, loss, loneliness, courage, gratitude and much in between.”
If you ever find yourself thinking on any of these themes that connect us all as humans, then Soul Biographies is a good place to spend some time.

This particular clip, ‘A Life Beyond’, focuses on a daughter as she speaks about caring for her elderly mother, who suffers from dementia. It’s a moving piece, and beautifully captures the idea of sameness, as two people grow closer through a very difficult shared experience.

Soul Biographies is full of other similar videos chasing the same kind of human connection that the above clip captures. Follow the link to see more.

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