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It’s 2 minutes of your day that we are scheduling for you.

For the past month nine Dubai based nannies/domestic workers have been shaking their creative bones and transforming some blank TOMS shoes, taking them from empty canvases to artworks inspired by their own journeys. The nine shoe artists have also been sharing their personal stories, the joy and the pain of the journeys that brought them to today, and their hopes for where their journeys will take them tomorrow and beyond.

Each pair of re-designed TOMS, along with the shoe-artists story, will soon be exhibited and up for sale at a one-off Soles & Stories event on September the 24th at Traffic Gallery, Al Quoz, Dubai.


Soles & Stories from thesamenessproject on Vimeo.


Soles & Stories is a chance to walk in the shoes of nine amazing women. It’s a chance to see their stories, hear their voice,  and create a “moment of sameness” where they can be seen as more than just their job title

To get to know each of the nine shoe-artists click HERE and then move through the individual profiles.

To learn a bit more about the event click HERE


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  1. […] Soles & Stories is sneaking up like a thief in ninja slippers. If the [sameness] project had a mission control center there would be a whole bunch of men in suits wearing headsets and commencing a countdown RIGHT NOW. […]

  2. […] You can check out the Soles & Stories vision HERE  […]

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