[ dabble ] The Miniature Earth

When you start talking global statistics, and you’re working with a base figure of 7 Billion, the numbers tend to get a little bit overwhelming. In amongst the large numbers that always seem to end in “million” it’s easy to miss the point that the millions are made up by many “ones”, a whole bunch of individual lives.

This video goodness from miniature-earth.com breaks the numbers down a little bit by asking the question:
If the world’s population was reduced to a community of 100 people, how would that small village look?


The music is a little bit on the depressing side, not that they needed to use a dance number, but that’s not really the point…

Putting the diversity of the earths population into understandable numbers, like the fact that reading this online now makes you one of only 12% with a computer, lays out the differences that make up the miniature earth. All the lines dividing people into different categories seem like decoration on top of the fact that we are all the same human beings, and the miniature earth is a “we” place, rather than just a “me” place.

Where do you fit?


  1. I actually like the miniature earth concept–I work for a not-for-profit org and we use it as a tool in our capacity building workshops to give a taste of the global perspective before we focus on the local–in our case, Canada.

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