[ your voice ] How We Roll

If you have something you want to share on thesamenessproject.com then please check out the guidelines below and send us the content via any of the following paths:

Twitter – @samenessproject.com
FB – facebook.com/thesamenessproject
Email – home@thesamenessproject.com

We will check stuff out before we throw it up online, so bear that in mind if you feel like sending something totally freaky through.

Here are a few guidelines for using
[ your voice ] on thesamenessproject.com:


We welcome all kinds of comments – supportive, critical, ones in agreement, disagreement or otherwise. We like to go over all blog comments to check them out and we try not to delete or censor comments, unless they:
– are abusive
– are completely off‐topic
– contain attacks aimed at individuals or groups, or promote hate of any kind
– use really bad language
– are spam. Boo for spam.

If your comment(s) doesn’t seem to be showing up it could be that the Internet has swallowed them, it happens. Email us and let us know and we will try and figure out what happened, a.k.a we will google it.

Submitting bits and pieces:
Before submitting anything please familiarize yourself with the kind of content on thesamenessproject.com, and our guidelines.

What we like:

Anything that relates to the [sameness] project through ideas, opinion pieces, photo‐essays, stories from different countries, podcasts, videos, research findings, personal experiences and most things in between.

What we don’t  like:

Nastyness – content that swings closer to spreading badness than goodness, and aims to divide rather than unite.
Stuff that is completely off topic, like the nuances of Frisbee Golf, we probably wouldn’t post that.


Some submittals may need to be slightly edited. This will only be done to improve the reading experience, not to turn content into something it wasn’t originally.
We won’t be thoroughly checking spelling, grammar and punctuation. It’s really boring, so you can do that.

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