[ water for workers ] Introducing…

If you live in the UAE then you know that summer-time is HOT. If you don’t live in the UAE, then know this – summer time is HOT, 45+ degree Celsius hot. Like in every other place in the world gardens don’t water themselves, buildings don’t build themselves and the rubbish doesn’t collect itself. There are thousands of guys who step out into the heat to make all of that happen.

The aim of Water for Workers is to simply acknowledge the workers, thank them, and, during the crazy-hot days, give them a drink. Easy.

One part campaign, one part project.


The Campaign is to individually give water to workers, whenever, wherever.
Go one-for-one with water. Every time you buy a bottle of water for yourself, buy one (or more) to give away. It’s probably true that if you’re thirsty and looking for cold water then so are the guys working outside in 40 plus degree heat.

Free [viral] download: the [sameness] project has created ‘thank-you’ stickers, that say thank-you in 6 different languages. You can print these at home in single stickers or a entire page of 15 stickers.

The Project is to send out organised groups to give water and a thank you to workers.
On selected Saturdays throughout summer we will be putting together Water for Workers crews to spread out across Dubai and give out water and a thank you message to the guys working outdoors in the hot hot heat.


Be a part of the goodness. More people = more crews = more water given = more hydrated workers.

Click HERE for details of the next Water For Workers meet up.


There really isn’t anything too fancy about Water for Workers, it’s a ‘bring your own’ project, and what the workers get is what you have to give.

So here’s what to bring if you’re heading to a project meet-up:

Water – however many bottles you bring = however many bottles you give out. Can be any shape, size, or brand.
Chilly Bins/Eskys/Cool Box/Cooler – there are many different names, but one purpose. Bring one of those plastic boxes to fill with ice and put the water bottles in to keep them cold. Genius.


Let the [sameness] project know how it’s going:

We want to hear your Water for Workers stories and experiences…

– Throw some comments in the comment section below this post…
– Jump on thesamenessproject facebook and leave your thoughts and perhaps a few pictures
– Do the twittery thing and tweet your Water for Workers experience @samenessproject using #WaterForWorkers

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