[ get it ] More

Short presentations are where it’s at in today’s snappy, get-to-the-point world. Apparently no one has time to sit through anything longer than 3 minutes, because there are way too many Facebook status updates to like, and videos of sneezing pandas to watch.

The longer version of the [sameness] project “get it” presentation contains no status updates, and no sneezing pandas, but with more content included it will fill in a few spaces for those of you who want a better understanding of the [sameness] project.

Check it out below.


If you’ve got any questions about anything in the video feel free to hit us up in the comments section. Or if you’re not really a commenting type person try:

tweeting us – @samenessproject

facebooking us – facebook.com/thesamenessproject

emailing us – home@thesamenessproject.com

Carry on.

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