[ viral ] Origami Giveaways

Download it. Fold it. Give it.

It’s that easy.

For all the business cards, flyers, advertisements and messages that get handed out around the world everyday, there is an over-supply of nonsense and an under-supply of things which are actually cool to give and cooler to get. the [sameness] project origami giveaways are dressed up messages,  paper high fives, letting you spread a bit of goodness to whoever, wherever.

Click above and print out whichever origami giveaways you want, as many times as you want, then fold up and spread. Simple as.


It could all end there, and that would be fine, but if you want to give some feedback on the “giving it” part of the Origami project then we would say yes please.

Did you physically give the origami to someone, or did you leave it behind somewhere?

Did you catch the reaction of whoever received the origami? What was their reaction like? How did it make you feel?

There is a whole comment section bellow just waiting for some reports from the real world…



  1. […] 10am – 7pm every day you can come down, check out the artistically altered shoes, grab some origami giveaways, find out more about the [sameness] project […]

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